Remko Lodder

I am an experienced (since 2001) Unix, Networking and Security Engineer living in Barendrecht, the Netherlands. I spend my days working as Unix Consultant for Sue B.V, currently one of the Technical Field Managers in the company. I am an allround specialist, with a broad experience like Security, Networking and Unix. I can manage teams and coach people on the job.

Professional Experience

10-2015 - Present

Sue B.V. (Formerly Snow B.V.), Geldermalsen

Technical Field Manager, Unix/Network/Security Consultant
Focus: Field Management, Coaching, Networking, Security, Unix

07-2019 - Present
Sue B.V., Geldermalsen

Technical Field Manager
Focus: Coaching, supporting, assisting trainee’s, training, evaluations, project guiding

  • Coaching: Coaching of 100+ consultants by having regular conversations with them, to optimize their work and self-being.
  • Training: Assisting with selecting proper training for our consultants.
  • Matching: Looking for the best matches from leads and our people.
  • Coaching: Assisting trainee’s during their first experiences in the field.
  • Coaching: Assisting our consultants with writing a personal education plan (POP), which follow the developments on the market and match their personal goals.
  • Coaching: Preparing consultants for an intake at a potential client by doing preintakes, to raise the succes of the eventual intake.
  • Resume: Constantly optimizing and improving resume’s for our consultants.
  • Sales: Assisting our sales department by helping find potential leads and directing them to the Sales staff.
  • Recruitment: Assisting our recruitment department by helping find potential engineers or trainee’s and connecting them to our recruitment staff.
  • Projectlead: Guiding on internal (improvement) projects and setting up of new products with our junior and senior engineers.
  • Evalations: Contacting clients and getting the requirements straight to optimize and raise the quality of our consultancy.
  • Evalutions: Obtaining feedback for consultants and convert them into measureable goals to further improve our consultants.
10-2017 - 06-2019
Government, Woerden

Senior Linux, Network and Security Administrator
Focus: Linux (Ubuntu), Networking (Alcatel), Security (Cisco ASA, Hillstone, pfSense)

  • Support: Maintenance and support of the Unix environment.
  • Engineering: Enhancement of the puppet environment. Writing CMDB Module. Automatic deployment of changed code via gitlab hooks.
  • Engineering: Setup of Gitlab to centrally manage configurations (Puppet) and backup of configurations (etckeeper, rancid)
  • Security: Designing and setting up OpenVAS Appliance.
  • Engineering: Writing parsers to fetch information from the Storage and store it in InfluxDB. Create graphs from stored data in Grafana.
  • Engineering: Upgrading Puppet3 to Puppet6
  • Security: Deploying various changes to fix reported issues on
  • Engineering: Deployment of Keycloak SSO and implement various SSO connectors like TopDesk.
  • Development: Writing enhanced bash based dialog scripts.
  • Migrations: Migrated an Zarafa mail environment to Kopano.
  • Engineering: Advanced usage of NGINX forwarding.
  • Monitoring: Setup collectd and netdata to gather system data and understanding trends
  • Migrations: Updated the Samba Fileserver (major change), Updated the Samba AD server (major change). Contact with the backend support party.
  • Engineering: writing custom migration scripts for Zarafa to Kopano.
  • Engineering: Writing a custom Rancid script to read the alcatel and hillstone firewalls.
  • Migrations: Migrated the networking environment from legacy Alcatel to new Alcatel. Created STP blocking bridge to ease migrations.
  • Engineering: Setup of Storage facilities on backup location.
  • Processes: One of the authors of the change management guidelines and implementation of changemanagement in Topdesk. Writing templates to ease change requests.
09-2016 - 10-2017
Snow B.V., Geldermalsen

Network, Security and Linux Administrator Focus: Troubleshooting, updating, Mail platform, Networking (Juniper EX2200)

  • Engineering: Various updates and upgrades for the infrastructure
  • Engineering: Updated the Juniper Switching platform
  • Implementation: Research and implementation of Rspamd as external MX gateways.
05-2016 - 09-2016
Oil and Gas Company, Rijswijk

Network Administrator Focus: Networking (Cisco, MikroTik, long distance wireless/serial links), Unix, Security (pfSense)

  • Operations: Maintaining and build out of existing network infrastructure
  • Engineering: Improved networks offshore with limited capabilities for 24 offshore locations and 2 onshore locations.
  • Engineering: Maintain and update the offshore MikroTik Wifi AP’s.
  • Engineering: Improved the Linux based Proxy and VPN’s that connected the MikroTik AP’s.
  • Projects: Deployed several Serial to Ethernet connectors, on offshore locations.
05-2014 - 04-2016
Large Cable ISP, Utrecht / Rijswijk

Senior Network and Security Engineer, Teamlead Connectivity Focus: Networking (Cisco), Security (Juniper), ITIL, F5 Loadbalancers, Training

  • Implementation: Implementing many large projects in the company.
  • Troubleshooting: Doing troubleshooting to assist and aid projects.
  • Training: Training of coworkers, writing presentations and extensive documentation.
  • Processes: Improved the ITIL process within the company. Created various templates.
  • Security: Many large changes to the Juniper SRX firewalls. Adding virtual routers, VPN’s, Setup JunOS Space.
  • Teamlead: Teamlead for the Connectivity Team. Planning the projects with the team members. Communications with management and projectleaders.
  • Design: As Lead Networking Engineer designed a new internal firewall strategy after a company merger. Relocated management networks.
  • Engineering: Setup and assisted with various F5 Loadbalancers, existing and new.
  • Engineering: Assisted with the setup of several large (web)mail platforms based on Dovecot and Open-Xchange.
01-2014 - 05-2014
Snow B.V, Geldermalsen

Senior Network and Security Engineer Focus: Firewall replacement (FreeBSD, OpenBSD), design virtualization network, authoring an article

  • Engineering: Firewall migration of the company’s main firewall. Switching from one platform to another
  • Design: Designed a new virtualization network for our consultants.
  • Editorial: Authored an article for Linux Magazine: Free or Open?
  • Open Source: Large technical contributions to the FreeBSD Project.
11-2011 - 12-2013
Large Cable ISP, The Hague / Utrecht / Rijswijk

Technical Projectleader / Senior Network Engineer Focus: Migrations, Networking (Cisco), Security (Cisco ASA, FWSM, Juniper), Avocent

  • Teamlead: Managing 2 to 3 people within my team
  • Design: Adopt design to technical documentation
  • Planning: Setup a migration planning for 1000+ routers and switches
  • Projectlead: Write technical documentation
  • Management: Communicate with, assist and plan migrations with other teams
  • Teamlead: Backup to the projectleader, first point of contact
11-2009 - 10-2010
Large ISP, IT Service provider, Rotterdam / Amsterdam

Senior Network and Security Engineer Focus: Networking (Cisco), Design, Security (FWSM, ACE, VRF)

  • Engineering: Improve and build out existing network infrastructure
  • Design: Wrote technical Design’s for a large Dutch airline
  • Migrations: As Designer responsible for the migration of a large Dutch airline from one building and setup to another.
  • Design: Create standarised documentation, standardised network infrastructure designs.
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting issues on firewalls and proxies (Bluecoat). Assisted with troubleshooting a large Dutch insurance company.
01-2009 - 10-2009
Large ISP, IT Service provider, Rotterdam / Amsterdam

Senior Network and Security Engineer Focus: Networking (Cisco), Windows, Unix, Security (Juniper, Fortigate)

  • Migrations: Main responsibility to migrate a legacy datacenter, to new facilities in Rotterdam. Migrated firewalls, servers, communication lines.
  • Management: Communicated with the customer about upcoming migrations and settled on migration dates.
  • Implementation: Implement new features as requested by the customer.
06-2008 - 12-2008
Large ISP, Capelle a/d IJssel

Senior Network and Security Engineer Focus: Networking (Cisco), Windows, Unix, Security (Checkpoint, Juniper, Fortigate)

  • Operations: Maintain and build out existing customer environment.
  • Migrations: Design new firewall and migrate from old (Checkpoint) to new (Juniper SSG) firewalls.
  • Implementation: Implement Fortigate firewalls at perimeter boundary.
  • Design: Design and implement monitoring system based on NMIS to replace current monitoring
  • Implementation: Implement usage of Rancid for large networking environment based on Cisco and Juniper to backup existing configuration.
  • Training: On the job training of colleague’s.
10-2006 - 05-2008
Financial Institute, The Hague

Member of the Security and Unix team. General operations work, design, implementation. Focus: Networking (Cisco) and Security (Checkpoint)

  • Operations: Maintain and build out existing Unix / FreeBSD Machines.
  • Design: Design new datacenter network based on Cisco and Checkpoint
  • Training: Trained colleague’s on the job.
  • Operations: Maintain and build out existing VPN environment based on Checkpoint.
  • Automation: Automated backup of configuration after changes to TFP services.

2004 - 05-2020

JR-Webscripting en Hosting, Barendrecht / Rotterdam

Owner, Co-Founder, Technical Lead Focus: Provide Hosting space and support to customers. FreeBSD, Linux (Ubuntu), Postfix, Dovecot, Virtualmin, Rspamd, Perl, PHP, MySQL, Docker, OSPF, iptables

  • Develment: Develop, test and implement new features and services for the clients.
  • Support: Supporting the clients with a broad range of questions and challenges.
  • Migrations: Migrated between various applications. Migrated customers from other hosts. Migrated customers to other hosts.
  • Implementation: Implemented Virtualmin as hosting frontend for customers.
  • Implementation: Implemented the use of MailScanner as anti spam measure
  • Implementation: Implemented the use of Rspamd as anti spam measure
  • Implementation: Wrote and implemented a perl based RPZ setup.

10-2001 - 09-2006

ING Bank N.V - Firewall and Security Engineer

Member of the Security Team at ING. Responsible for managing the firewalls, switches, CERT team. Focus: Firewalling (Checkpoint), Networking (Cisco), IDS (RealSecure IDS), CERT

  • Operations: Maintain and build out existing Sun machines (Webservers, Mailservers, Proxies).
  • Engineering: Maintain, build and implement Checkpoint based firewalls, Cisco routers and switches.
  • Engineering: Maintain, build and implement RealSecure IDS devices.
  • Development: Helped developping KSH based scripts, internally written loganalyser in perl.
  • Engineering: On a global scale communications about our firewall products and implementation all over the world.
  • Projects: Participated in several lage projects all over the world, including implementing these projects.
  • Security: Reviewing and implementing security policies.
  • Teamlead: Backup teamlead.


2003 - 2019

The FreeBSD Project, committer, developer, Security

Allround team member for the FreeBSD projected. Started with documentation, ended as Deputy Security Officer. Focus: Documentation, bughunting, Security, development

  • Maintainer and founder of the Dutch Documentation Project
  • Member of the Documentation Team
  • Member of the FreeBSD Security Team (longterm secretary, Deputy Security Officer)
  • Member of the postmaster team, implemented rspamd.
  • Member of the system administrations team (clusteradm)
  • Liasion between the FreeBSD Security Team and the FreeBSD Release Engineering Group
  • Co-Founder of the FreeBSD Ports Security Team
  • Member of the Bugmeister team
  • Member of the Source committer group
  • Liasion between FreeBSD and Snow B.V. - Guiding Ed Schouten between his internal assignment and publishing it within FreeBSD.

2001 - 2005 - editor

Member of the editorial team of DSINet Focus: Articles

  • Writing articles in both Dutch and English

2001 - 2004

Mostly-Harmless, projectlead

Member of the starting hacker group Mostly-Harmless Focus: Documentation, guiding new people

  • projectleader documentation

Fluent with

  • Coaching and training people
  • Firewalls (ASA,FWSM,Checkpoint,Juniper,iptables,pf, pfSense, OPNSense, Hillstone)
  • Routing and Switching (Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel)
  • Operating Systems (FreeBSD, Red Hat, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Windows)
  • Hosting concepts and applications (Apache, NGINX, Postfix, Sendmail, Dovecot, Gitlab)
  • Container technologies (Docker)
  • Single Sign On “SSO” (Keycloak, SimpleSamlPHP)
  • Automation tools (Puppet, Ansible)
  • Monitoring tools (Nagios, Opsview, Zabbix, Grafana, Graphite, Collectd, beat applications)
  • Logging tools (Syslog, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Greylog)
  • Databases tools (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, InfluxDB, SQLite)

Familiar with

  • Fortigate
  • CI/CD Pipelines (Gitlab/Jenkins)
  • Bash, Perl, PHP, Python, C
  • Traefik reverse proxy

Interested in

  • Coaching
  • Operating systems
  • Automation
  • Network / Security


  • Teamplayer
  • Stable
  • Self assured
  • Stress resistant
  • Curious
  • Inventive
  • Thoughtful
  • Result driven
  • Organised


  • GSEC
  • LPI1
  • LPI2
  • Itil
  • Checkpoint CCSA, CCSE+
  • BSDA
  • NSE1, NSE2 (Fortigate)
  • CCNA
  • CCNP
  • RHCE8 (Ansible)

Other Info

  • I am a Dutch native speaker
  • I can read, write and speak English


I like to spend time with my wife, kids, cats and dog. I also like to spend time with friends, watching a show or just talking about a broad range of topics. When I am on the road, or have an spare moment, I like to listen to music, playing a game (mostly F1-simulations). I also like to read Fantasy books, which I do on my ereader.


Please contact me at if you want to discuss something with me.