After 15 precious years with many ups and some downs (personally) I sadly decided to leave the mothership of Sue and be part of another company. I will announce which company later on, I need to make it a bit exciting to read right? ;-)

Leaving after so many years is a difficult thing, or at least for me. Sue has been part for 3/4 of my professional life, 2 out of my 3 kids where born during my time at Sue. I was seriously ill a few years ago, which made me partially deaf, all during my time at Sue. It feels like close family!

So why leave?

If you have read the above, it does not make much sense to leave right? Yeah, you are entirely correct. In my last two years at Sue, I opted to become one of the three Technical Field Managers (TFM), which I was chosen to do so. I enjoyed that a lot. The coaching part was part of my assignments more or less but never on such scale. I really like that. I am still technically up to speed, I recently recertified my CCNP. At the same time though I was also following a “Coaching” training, which I recently certified for as well.

Sadly my role was coming to an end and Sue and I could not find a role that would fit my ambition. I found another role in a different company that allows me to coach directly from start, and use my technical background as well.

I look back with many many pleasant memories. Snow (Sue when I started working there) had always been a good and pleasant employer and allowed me to evolve where I am now. A big thank you for the company but even more for the people that work there, they supported me and where there when things went wrong on my side (see above); when my kids where born etc. So with pleasant memories and a tear, I will be saying goodbye officially at the end of August.

Dear people of Sue/Snow, colleague’s, friends, thank you very much for every smile, tear, friendship, up and down for the last 15 years. You have been great! I was lucky to work with all of you!